Hardwood floors finished & protected with Woca Oil wood floor finish will keep them looking brand new year round, you will then be able to maintain your Woca Oil finished Hardwood Floors yourself Using Woca Oil Maintenance Products.

So let us at help eliminate the expense of screening & coating your Urethane-finished hardwood Flooring over and over. Urethane is a topical hard shell finish that will get scratched through common everyday use & you will have to hire a professional to correct this issue so you can do it all over again in a relatively short period of time. We can help you keep your floors looking brand new year round with Woca Oil products. Woca Oil is a VOC-free finish that is by far the best product for oil resurfacing hardwood floors. Oil finishes are used in the heaviest trafficked conditions such as Copenhagen Airport, London Train Station and hotel lobby's on Waikiki Beach that has hardwood flooring finished with Woca Oil wood floor finish for a reason.

About Woca Oil

№ 1: We are the leading manufacturer of wood oils.

№ 2: We have more than 40 years of experience and technical expertise in developing wood care products.

№ 3: Our products are tested in neutral laboratories around the world.

№ 4: All of our products have been developed in our own laboratory using the latest and most natural raw materials available on the market.

№ 5: We do customized solutions for the individual customer.

№ 6: Our WOCA brand is one of the most recognized brands worldwide within wood care products.

№ 7: Our WOCA brand is a guarantee for 100% Danish quality.

№ 8: We proudly manufacture all of our products in Denmark.

№ 9: We ship our products to all four corners of the globe.

№ 10: We offer a complete system for the preparation, finishing and maintenance of both interior and exterior wood.

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Did You Know?

Urethane is promoted as a hard finish that protects your hardwood, but what you are not told urethane gets damaged by everyday abrasion of foot traffic, dogs etc. Woca oil is a penetrating oil product and urethane is a topical shiny plastic coating. Woca oil is maintained by you using Woca soap and or Woca refresher that lays down a coconut soy extract with every washing protecting the beauty of one of your biggest investments.

That's why you need to contact us.

Did you know that prefinished urethane hardwood floors that have a 30 to 50-year wear warranty are completely misleading? Once your hardwood floors get scratched or etched and the will, you will need a re-coat with urethane to restore the pristine look, a re-coat will void the warranty from the manufacturer, but you are not told that when you purchase these kinds of products!
Contact us so that we can discuss the condition of your floors. We'll take the time to explain our product and how to properly maintain it. You'll find that Woca Oil hardwood floor finish will help you protect and beautify your floors like no other product can.