Wood has been oiled for centuries, why not yours?


Woca Oil wood flooring finish sales and installation in San Rafael, California.

Woca Oil offers the perfect finish for any Hardwood floor and It is VOC free. Woca Oil has products for indoor & outdoor use.

Woca Oil finish will not show the damage from abrasion like urethane will. It is used in airports, casinos, hotels, and restaurants because of its resistance to damage and the ease of maintenance. It keeps hardwoods beautiful under heavy foot traffic and heavy use like you find in Copenhagen Airport. To maintain your finish year round and keep your floors looking brand new, use Woca oil soap and Woca oil refresher.

Choose Woca Oil Wood Floor Finish

An oil-finished floor provides the most natural look of any wood floor finish. An oil finish also tends to make some floors look "old" as if they had been installed for a very long time. Prior to the use of various urethane and similar finishes, oil was the traditional finish of choice. In Europe, where this traditional natural look has been in demand for quite some time, oil finishes account for almost a third of all wood floor finishes.

Since an oil finish actually penetrates and becomes a part of the surface of a wood floor, it is not nearly as sensitive to scratches and wear as a urethane finish. As it not only penetrates but also hardens, a Woca oil finish provides very good protection and is easy to maintain. If done properly, it will prevent a wood floor from ever having to be sanded.

Cleaners & Pretreatment Products

We also offer a complete line of products to prepare wood floors for finishing or refinishing. You need our pre-cleaner to prepare wood for lye treatment, oil finishing, re-oiling and/or the removal of stubborn stains. We have lye for pre-treatment of wood surfaces, antique lye for pre-treatment to darken many kinds of wood, and driftwood lye as a color pre-treatment for untreated wood. Our Pre-Color and Active Stain are both used for the color pre-treatment process.

Woca Oil Colors

All Color Shown Are Applied To European White Oak.